Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grammatical Faux Pas of the Week:

At what point as a country did we lose our mastery of the English language? On a daily basis I encounter people who legitimately do not know the proper use of “your” vs. “you’re”. What gives?

A particularly awful example stopped me dead in my tracks just a few minutes ago. Someone had posted their distain for University of Alabama coach Nick Saban in the comments section of a website I visit. Idiocy ensued:

If you didn’t catch it, the following steps may help:
1) take out a magnifying glass
2) turn it so the handle is facing you
3) stick it in your eye as hard as you can

(the throbbing pain means it’s working!)


  1. imma not sure you's no wat your speaking can it!

  2. I was reading a thread on a news article a few years ago where there were messages of prayer and healing to a family who lost a child. One post read, "lord here are prays." Yeah. Yeah.

  3. I work making reservations for a resort and I saw this in a notation on a reservation once: "They didn't like the room they stood in last time." Ok, more than once... *sigh*